Frankfurt/M: Bonames Airfield

Maurice Rose Army Airfield AAF

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N501037 E0083932 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps


Federal State of Hesse; Bonames is a northern borough of Frankfurt/M.

Use during the Cold War

US Army airfield.

Airfield Map



  • 07/25: 671m x 21m


ETS 328 -7xxx


Use today


Airfields in the vicinity

  • 154°/1km Frankfurt/M: Drake Bks AHP
  • 136°/2km Frankfurt/M: Federal Police Helipad
  • 224°/4km Frankfurt/M: Hospital Helipad
  • 134°/5km Frankfurt/M: Unfallklinik Hospital Helipad
  • 148°/5km Frankfurt/M: Hospital AHP (Frankfurt North)
  • 168°/5km Frankfurt/M: Police Headquarters Helipad
  • 175°/5km Frankfurt/M: Casino Army Heliport AHP (City)
  • 190°/5km Frankfurt/M: Hospital Helipad
  • 324°/5km Bad Homburg: Hospital Helipad
  • 325°/6km Bad Homburg: Hospital Helipad
  • 202°/8km Frankfurt/M: Rebstock Airfield
  • 325°/8km Bad Homburg: Police Helipad
  • 178°/9km Frankfurt/M: Uniklinik Hospital Helipad (East)
  • 238°/9km Eschborn: Airfield (Camp Eschborn Army Heliport)
  • 300°/9km Oberursel: AHP (Camp King)
  • 185°/10km Frankfurt/M: Uniklinik Hospital Helipad (West)
  • 197°/11km Frankfurt/M: Niederrad Airfield
  • 208°/11km Frankfurt/M: Griesheim Helipad
  • 226°/11km Frankfurt/M: Hospital Helipad
  • 254°/11km Bad Soden: Hospital Helipad
  • 143°/12km Offenbach: Hospital Helipad
  • 220°/13km Frankfurt/M: Höchst Industrial Park Helipad (East)
  • 222°/13km Frankfurt/M: Höchst Industrial Park Helipad (North)
  • 324°/15km Anspach: Airfield (Wehrheim)
  • 022°/17km Friedberg: Thunder Pad, Savage Pad Army Heliport AHP (Thunder Pad, Savage Pad, Army Heliport AHP)
  • 204°/17km Frankfurt/M: Rhein/Main Air Base, Airport
  • 017°/18km Friedberg: Army Airfield AAF (Army Airfield AAF)
  • 104°/20km Hanau: Hutier Army Heliport AHP
  • 167°/20km Dreieich: Airfield
  • 291°/20km Glashütten: Oberems Airfield/Glider Site
  • 010°/21km Ober-Mörlen: Airfield
  • 154°/21km Dietzenbach: Fire Station Helipad