Meiningen: Airfield / Heliport

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Coordinates: N503413 E0102656 (WGS84) Google Maps


Former East Germany, District of Suhl;
today Federal State (Freestate) of Thüringen (Thuringia).
Germany during the Cold War

Location of airfield

The airfield was located ca. 2 km east of Meiningen, at the hill Rohrer Berg.

During the 1920s/1930s


Opened during the 1920s as civil airport


Summer 1928

The timetable for summer of 1928 shows the following scheduled flights:
(Days: 1=Monday ... 7=Sunday)
304 Rudolstadt/Saalfeld - Weimar - Erfurt (Nord) - Meiningen - Schweinfurt/Bad Kissingen - Fürth (Atzenhof)
  • Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.:
    123456– | Rudolstadt/Saalfeld 07:20 - 07:40 Weimar 07:50 - 08:00 Erfurt 08:15 - 09:00 Meiningen 09:20 - 09:55 Schweinfurt/Bad Kissingen 10:10 - 10:55 Fürth
    Flights to Weimar on demand only
  • Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.:
    123456– | Fürth 07:25 - 08:10 Schweinfurt/Bad Kissingen 08:25 - 09:00 Meiningen 09:15 - 10:00 Erfurt 10:15 - 10:25 Weimar 10:35 - 10:55 Rudolstadt/Saalfeld
    Flights to Weimar on demand only
Departures and arrivals by time
DaysTimeDep/ArrRouteOperatorAircraft typeto/from
123456–09:00Arr304Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.Fürth - Schweinfurt/Bad Kissingen
123456–09:00Arr304Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.Rudolstadt/Saalfeld - Weimar - Erfurt
123456–09:15Dep304Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.Erfurt - Weimar - Rudolstadt/Saalfeld
123456–09:20Dep304Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug G. m. b. H.Schweinfurt/Bad Kissingen - Fürth

During the Cold War


Base for Helicopter Squadron 16 (Hubschrauberstaffel 16. HS-16) of fomer East German border troops.


Meiningen Airfield on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972 - (ONC E-2 (1972), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin /PCL MC/)


Dimensions: 600m x 400m

Radio beacons

Data for the year 1990:
  • : 367,0 "WS", at field

Radio communication

The call sign of the airfield was WÜSTENFUCHS.


Sondernetz/Stabsnetz S1: via 7444-88



The airfield is closed.


The following pictures were taken in october 2008, courtesy of SK. Many thanks!
Gate and buildings.
Tower building? Traffic light and antenna
Northwestern building
Obstacle light on the roof of the building
Looking across the airfield. This picture was created out of three pictures, with the help of AutoStich (



  • Grenzdörfer, Joachim; Seifert, Karl-Dieter: "Geschichte der ostdeutschen Verkehrsflughäfen" Bernard & Graefe Verlag, Bonn, 1997 - Description of the time between 1927 and 1938, maps, aerial picture

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