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Cold War Airfields: Zossen/Wünsdorf
by Bert Kondruss
Coordinates: N521152 E0133114 (WGS84) Google Maps
Operator: GSSD/WGT


Map with location of the Soviet landing ground
Germany during the Cold War

During the Cold War


Landing ground at the Soviet HQ.


Zossen/Wünsdorf Airfield on a map from 1969
Zossen/Wünsdorf Airfield on a US map from 1969 - (Source: Earth Sciences and Map Library, University of California, Berkeley)


Data for the year 1990:
  • 10/28: 1200 m Grass


CIA report from May/July 1957

1. A new landing ground appears to have been constructed at a point approximately 3 km due east of the Stammlager. The landing ground is on a section of high ground to the east of the Kallinchen-Zehrensdorf road.
2. During the last week of May 1957, three helicopters were seen using the landing ground each day.
3. Three aerial masts approximately 15 to 20 meters high were positioned close to a "T"-shaped building on the landing ground. Wires from the masts led into the building.
4. In a section between the "T"-shaped building and the new airfield there were five box-trailers each with a basket-shaped aerial array mounted on the roof.
5. The following Soviet officers were employed in building No. 64:
Lt. Col. Kyruchin
Major Petrotovaka
Major Andreva
Sketch of Soviet Wünsdorf-Zossen airfield
Sketch from the CIA report from 1957. North is left. - Shown are the mentioned airfield, the T-shaped building and the 5 antenna objects. Source: CIA
Kallinchen - Zehrensdorf(Road)
Flugplatz liegt auf einem HöhengeländeThe airfield is located on a high ground
Vom Erkunder pers. erkannte RadarstützpunkteFrom the spotter personally recognized radar sites
Erkunder war bis auf etwa 500 m am FlugplatzThe spotter was up to 500 m to the airfield
FunkmastenRadio masts
Source: /CIA RDP80T00246A035700080001-7/

CIA report about 10 August 1957

1. Attached at Appendix "A" is a sketch showing the location of a landing ground at present in use near ZOSSEN. The runway is approx 1 km in length and 50-60 m in breadth and is constructed from PSP (Pierced Steel Planking).
2. There are no hangars on the landing ground but one large barrack block measuring 10 x 50 m has been constructed to house flying personnel and a construction unit.
3. At the point marked "X" on Appendix "A", there is an aerial array constructed on a wooden platform. Sketches of this array are given at Appendix "B". From the location of this aerial array, overland cables run to the T-shaped building in the STAMMLAGER, ZOSSEN.
Appendix "A": Sketch from the CIA report from 1957.
Appendix "B", Sketch 1 - Antenna on base
Appendix "B", Sketch 2 - Antenna
HolzunterbauWooden base
MetallrahmenMetal frame
Vorderansicht der Antenne auf StützpunktFront view of antenna on base
Source: /CIA RDP80T00246A037500190001-5/

CIA report about August 1957

(a) At present there is a concrete runway approx 300 m in length. The remainder of the runway is plain earth which has been levelled and rolled. Levelling work is still being carried out on the WESTern edge of the runway.
(b) At the beginning of August 1957, a total of 13 aircraft with twin piston engines were seen on the landing ground. Other equipment seen was as follows:
- 1 vehicle used as flying control;
- 1 ... set up as an office;
- 1 ... ZIS 151;
- 5 W/T trucks with whip aerials.
(c) A barrack block is being constructed on the NORTHern edge of the landing ground.
Source: /CIA RDP80T00246A037500200001-3/






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