Air Bases in the Czech Republic

During the Cold War

Czech Republic: Air Bases and Military Airfields

Vojenské letiště v České republice

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

Until 1992, the territory of today's Czech Republic was part of Czechoslovakia (Československo).

For airfields which are very close together, the label might be shown on the wrong side.

Military airfields in Czechia (52)
Bechyně: Air Base
Březnice: Airfield
Brno: Slatina Airfield
Brno: Tuřany Airport
Čáslav: Air Base
České Budějovice: Air Base
Cheb: Airfield
Erpužice: Airfield
Havlíčkův Brod: Airfield
Hořovice: Airfield
Horšovský Týn: Airfield
Hradčany: Air Base
Hradec Králové: Airfield
Jamolice: Airfield
Karlovy Vary: Airport
Katovice: Airfield
Kladno: Airfield
Kralovice: Airfield
Kunovice: Airfield
Letňany: Airfield
Líně: Air Base
Měřín: Highway Strip
Milovice: Air Base
Mnichovo Hradiště: Airfield
Mošnov: Airport Ostrava
Náměšt nad Oslavou: Air Base
Netolice: Airfield
Olomouc: Airfield Neředín
Otrokovice: Airfield
Panenský Týnec: Airfield
Pardubice: Air Base
Plzeň: Bory Airfield
Polička: Airfield
Praha: Kbely Air Base
Praha: Ruzyně Airport
Přerov: Air Base
Přibram: Airfield Dlouhá Lhota
Prostějov: Airfield
Rokycany: Airfield
Roudnice nad Labem: Airfield
Sazená: Airfield
Stod: Airfield
Tábor: Airfield
Tachov: Airfield
Tchořovice: Airfield
Věžná: Airfield
Vodochody: Airfield
Vyškov: Airfield
Vyškov: Highway Strip
Zábřeh: Airfield
Žatec: Air Base
Žatec: Macerka Airfield

Firing ranges

Cban: Bombing Range Manetin
Call sign "UHLIK".

Dobra Voda: Bombing Range Hartmanice
Call sign "HERNA".

Doupov: Air-to-ground firing range
The radio call sign was "ODKAPNIK".
According to western signals intelligence (SIGINT), the range was also called "Navigacni Punkt 501" by the Czechoslovak Air Force.

Doupov: Air-to-ground firing range for 11 SLP from Žatec.
The call sign was "TEMPERA".
According to western signals intelligence (SIGINT), the range was also called "Navigacni Punkt 501" by the Czechoslovak Air Force.

Jince: Bombing Range
The radio call sign was "TAXATOR".

Trebechovice por Orebem: Bombing Range
The radio call sign was "JILEC".

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