Flight Simulator 2020: Undocumented Airfields and Points of Interest in Thuringia, Germany

The page has three parts:

  • Undocumented airfields and interesting objects
  • Directory of cities and places
  • Instructions how to jump directly to a location in Flight Simulator 2020 using the bold coordinates.

The listed departure airfields are suggestions, of course you can also start at any other airfield. By clicking on the link "Route" the direct route from the airfield to the target is displayed in SkyVector (skyvector.com). If necessary, however, control zones, restricted areas etc. must be flown around.

Points of Interest in Thuringia (Thüringen)

Places in Thüringen (Thüringen)

You can use the bold coordinates to jump directly to this location in FS 2020. Instructions at the bottom of this page.

Jump directly to any location in the flight simulator

To select the points in Flight Simulator, the decimal coordinates shown in bold are important. Perform the following steps:


1. Select the decimal coordinates with the mouse


2. Copy the coordinates to the clipboard (with Ctrl-Ins or with right mouse button and "Copy")

Copy coordinates

3. Open the world map in Flight Simulator

4. Paste the coordinates from the clipboard into the search field (with Shift-Ins or with right mouse button and "Paste")

Open world map in Flight Simulator

5. Click on the coordinates that are now displayed below

Click coordinates

6. The now shown user-defined point is at the desired destination. Select it either for departure or for arrival

User-defined point


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