Fritzlar: Airfield

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N510652 E0091710 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps
Elevation: 568 ft
Location Indicator: DEFL (195x), EDPF (196x-199x), ETHF (199x-)


Federal State of Hesse.

Use during the Cold War

German Army airfield.


Airfields in the vicinity

  • 257°/10km Bad Wildungen: Auf der Schaufel Airfield/Glider Site
  • 265°/10km Bad Wildungen: Ense Airfield/Glider Site
  • 121°/11km Mosenberg: Airfield
  • 140°/14km Homberg (Efze): Dörnberg-Kasere Helipad
  • 044°/16km Grifte: Airfield/Glider Site
  • 035°/18km Baunatal: Car Factory Helipad
  • 082°/18km Melsungen: Hospital Helipad
  • 308°/20km Waldeck: Airfield/Glider Site
  • 186°/21km Schwalmstadt: Hospital Helipad
  • 194°/22km Schwalmstadt: Harthbergkaserne Helipad
  • 188°/23km Schwalmstadt: Der Ring Ziegenhain Airfield/Glider Site
  • 199°/23km Schwalmstadt: Treysa Schwalmberg Airfield/Glider Site
  • 340°/23km Wolfhagen: Graner Berg Airfield
  • 037°/24km Kassel: Fair Helipad
  • 040°/24km Kassel: Waldau Airfield
  • 344°/24km Wolfhagen: Hospital Helipad
  • 028°/25km Kassel: Rescue Helicopter Helipad
  • 007°/28km Zierenberg: Dörnberg Airfield/Glider Site
  • 028°/28km Kassel: Car Factory Helipad
  • 029°/28km Kassel: Industrial Park Helipad
  • 033°/28km Kassel: Klinikum Hospital Helipad (Southwest)
  • 109°/28km Alheim: Baumbach Airfield/Glider Site
  • 033°/29km Kassel: Klinikum Hospital Helipad (North)
  • 029°/31km Fuldatal: Federal Police Heliport
  • 069°/31km Hessisch Lichtenau: Hospital Helipad
  • 011°/33km Calden: Kassel Airfield
  • 075°/33km Hessisch Lichtenau: Airfield/Glider Site
  • 075°/33km Hessisch Lichtenau: Operational Airfield
  • 298°/33km Korbach: Airfield
  • 324°/33km Mengeringhausen: Prinz-Eugen-Kaserne Helipad
  • 300°/34km Korbach: Hospital Helipad
  • 012°/35km Calden: Kassel Airport
  • 261°/35km Frankenberg (Eder): Hospital Helipad
  • 292°/35km Nordenbeck: Airfield
  • 327°/35km Bad Arolsen: Hospital Helipad
  • 041°/36km Staufenberg: Airfield
  • 232°/36km Rauschenberg: Bracht Operational Airfield
  • 257°/36km Frankenberg (Eder): Burgwaldkaserne Helipad
  • 259°/36km Frankenberg (Eder): Fire Station Helipad
  • 324°/36km Mengeringhausen: Airfield
  • 208°/37km Stadtallendorf: Herrenwaldkaserne Helipad
  • 027°/38km Rothwesten: Gunpost Army Heliport
  • 182°/39km Alsfeld: Hospital Helipad
  • 211°/39km Stadtallendorf: Helipad
  • 131°/40km Bad Hersfeld: Hospital Helipad
  • 151°/40km Hattenbach: Langenberg Airfield/Glider Site
  • 039°/41km Hann. Münden: Hospital Helipad
  • 133°/41km Bad Hersfeld: Police Helipad
  • 184°/41km Alsfeld: Airfield
  • 135°/42km Bad Hersfeld: Army Airfield AAF / Army Heliport AHP (Werve Thompson)
  • 231°/42km Cölbe: Marburg-Schönstadt Airfield
  • 337°/42km Diemelstadt: Dehausen Airfield/Glider Site
  • 008°/43km Hofgeismar: Hospital Helipad
  • 035°/43km Hann. Münden: Police School Helipad
  • 133°/43km Bad Hersfeld: Airfield
  • 258°/43km Allendorf (Eder): Airfield
  • 346°/43km Warburg: Hospital Helipad
  • 094°/44km Sontra: Dornberg Airfield/Glider Site
  • 281°/44km Medebach: Auf'm grünen Wege Airfield/Glider Site
  • 205°/45km Homberg (Ohm): Airfield/Glider Site
  • 217°/45km Amöneburg: Airfield/Glider Site
  • 342°/45km Diemelstadt: Am Heinberg Airfield/Glider Site


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