Riga: Airport

Riga West, Rīga, Beberbekis, Babite, Skulte, Рига Скулте

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CoordinatesN565516 E0235815 (WGS84) Google Maps
Location indicatorEVRA
Map with location of Riga Airport
The history of the Cold War airfields: Riga


The capital Riga is located in the center of Latvia. The airport is in the west of the city. During the Cold War, there was an air base of the Soviet Air Force and later it had been converted to the airport of Riga.

During the Cold War


Riga West Airport on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1973 - (ONC D-3 (1973), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin /PCL MC/)


Occupation by Soviet units (courtesy of "Unter dem Radar"):
  • November 1947 - October 1961: Mining and Torpedo Training Regiment (Il-28, Il-28T)
  • 1951 - 1961: Fighter Training Regiment (MiG-17P and others)
  • June 1956 - 1961: Fighter Training Regiment (MiG-17)
  • November 1947 - 1957: ein Fighter Training Regiment (Yak-25, MiG-19, MiG-15UTI)
  • December 1961 - December 1972: Guards Mining and Torpedo Regiment (Il-28T)
  • December 1972 - October 1975: independend Guards Anti-Submarine Regiment (Il-28T, Il-38)
  • December 1975 - December 1992: indepemdend Anti-Submarine Squadron (Il-38)
  • ??? - 1988: Parts of an independend composite Squadron (Li-2, Il-14, An-2, Tu-134A, An-12, An-24B, An-26)
  • 1988 - 1994: both parts together


  • October 1957
    US agencies count at the airfield approx. 25 Il-28, approx. 30 fighter aircraft, possibly MiG-15 or MiG-17 and 4 transport aircraft, possibly Li-2. (Source: CIA)
  • July 1965
    On satellite images, the CIA counted 12 light planes at the airfield. (Source: CIA)
  • October/November 1965
    On satellite images, the CIA counted at least 18 probable light straight-wing aircraft at the field. (Source: CIA)



Airport of Riga.
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