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Between 1945 and 1990, there were more than 2000 small and large airfields and helipads in Germany alone, most of which have disappeared today. has made it its task of documenting these aerodromes. A mammoth project that is still a long way from being completed. Although it is rather a continuous process, a lot of material has been gathered since the start of in 2000 and can be accessed here - also on related topics. And not only for Germany, but also for other European countries.




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A part of Thuringia/Germany near Area 51

What is the link between the currently so hyped Aera 51 in Nevada and the city of Altenburg in Thuringia, Germany? Not far from Area 51 a copy of the Soviet Air Base Altenburg has been built for training purposes of the US military. And it is not the only replica of an East Germany airfield ...

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Soviet airfield near Area 51 in Nevada


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