Fürstenfeldbruck: Air Base

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N481220 E0111605 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation: 1703'
Location Indicator: DEFF (195x), EDSF (196x-1995), ETSF (1995-)

Use until 1945

Luftwaffe airfield.

Use during the Cold War

USAF until 1960, thereafter Luftwaffe airbase.

Current use


Airfield Map


Data for the year 1990:
  • 09R/27L: 2744 m x 46 m Concrete
  • 09L/27R: 1225 m x 19 m

Radio navigation

Data for the year 1990:
  • TACAN: CH17 "FFB", 093°/4.9 NM to field


Call sign FURSTY, DHK 27


NDB approach in 1960


Used by USAF until 1960:
- 1947-1948: 45th RS / 45th TRS with RB-26 / F-6
- 1948-1952: 36th FW / FBW (22nd, 23rd, 53rd FBS) with F-80, F-84
- 1952: 157th TRS, 160th TRS
- 1952-1953: 32nd TRS with RF-80A
- 1953-1958: 7330th FTW with T-33A
- 1960: 7367th FTG
Luftwaffe WaS Lw 50, JaboG 49 (G-91, Alpha Jet) until early 1990s, Tornado training unit until mid-1990s.


The following pictures show the airfield on the 29th september 1947, taken by Captain Robert C. Miller USAF in about 4000' in preparation of lengthening the runway. Courtesy of Don, thanks a lot!
Looking to the south
to the west
to the northwest
to the northeast
to the east
to the east
Detail with parked aircrafts


  • Ries, Karl; Dierich, Wolfgang: "Fliegerhorste und Einsatzhäfen der Luftwaffe" Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart, 1993 - Allied map of the airbase

Airfields in the vicinity

  • 143°/12km München: Texas Area Army Heliport
  • 175°/14km Oberpfaffenhofen
  • 098°/21km München: Oberwiesenfeld Airfield
  • 080°/22km Oberschleißheim: Airfield
  • 087°/23km München: Warner Strip Airfield
  • 089°/23km München: Warner Kaserne Helipad
  • 089°/24km München: Fürst-Wrede-Kaserne Helipad
  • 092°/24km München: Bayern-Kaserne Helipad
  • 174°/24km Starnberg: General-Fellgiebel-Kaserne Helipad