Ludwigsburg: Army Airfield AAF

Kornwestheim Airfield, Pattonville

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N485151 E0091329 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps
Elevation: 920 ft
Location Indicator: DBLD (195x), EDIR (196x-199x), EDTQ
Operator: US Army


Ludwigsburg is located 10 km north of Stuttgart.
Ludwigsburg Army Airfield (AAF) on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972

Location of airfield

The airfield is located on the south side of the road between Kornwestheim and Aldingen, just south of Pattonville.

Use until 1945

Landing ground

Use during the Cold War

US Army airfield and missile site. During the 1960s a single US Army Cessna aircraft was based. Available for civil traffic since 1960. US Army helicopter stationed until 1979 (moved to Stuttgart: Airport, Army Airfield?), thereafter used for helicopter maintenance until about 1985. Since 1992 for general aviation.

Current use

General aviation since 1992.

Airfield Map


Data for the year 1990:
  • 10/28: 671 m x 20 m Asphalt


Reconstructed by the US 1948/49. Nike (Ajax?) site on east side of airfield from about 1957 until 1960/61 (propably A Battery or HHB of 3rd Bn, 71st Arty) (concrete launcher platforms still exist - one is used today as compensation plate - and power cables can be found in the grass). The airfield and the adjacent training area had 84 ha.


View from the tower, looking east to the former beacon
Images from 2001


  • Bing - Aerial picture

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