Agricultural airfields in former East Germany

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A document (formerly "Top Secret") from the National Defense Council of East Germany from 1988 states the following numbers:
(Source: Die Sitzungsprotokolle des Nationalen Verteidigungsrats der DDR)
- 249 Base airfields
- ca. 1500 Working airfields,
with 469 of them in border areas.

You will find more information about former East German agricultural aviation on this website: Luftfahrt in Erfurt

District of Rostock

District of Schwerin

District of Neubrandenburg

District of Potsdam

District of Frankfurt/Oder

District of Cottbus

District of Magdeburg

District of Halle

District of Gera

District of Dresden

District of Leipzig

District of Karl-Marx-Stadt

Besides the fields in former East Germany, there was one agricultural airfield in East Berlin, which shall be mentioned here as well:

Berlin Müggelheim agricultural airfield

Former East Germany ("German Democratic Republic", "GDR") had an extensive fleet of agricultural aircraft and helicopters, which were operated by the state carrier Interflug. They used a dense network of agricultural airfields that were divided into base and working fields. Such airfield were often made of a grass runway with a paved platform in the middle or on the side for loading the aircraft Some airfields had a fully paved runway. But there were also numerous fields which only consisted of a grass strip. Additionally, a number of helipads were operated in the south of East Germany.

Base stations: Barth, Anklam, Kyritz, Fürstenwalde, Magdeburg, Erfurt-Bindersleben, Leipzig-Mockau and Pirna. In Ogkeln, a research center was established during the 1980s.

This is an attempt to create a list of all agricultural airfields. Data is compiled from several sources. The list is under construction and not exhaustive. It is organized according to the former East German districts, which are listed in the order of their district number. The given airfield names do not necessarily represent the former official names. If you have more information, I would be very happy to hear from you .

District of Erfurt

District of Suhl

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