Thank you!

A personal message from Bert from in June 2020

In March I had written at one point or another how you can support mil-airfields, if you want to: By helping to spread the word about mil-airfields, for example through posts in social media. The response was sensational! Some of you were mega busy and brought many new visitors here via Facebook. It was really very motivating for me to look at the statistics of Google Analytics every day. Top of the list was Wednesday this week: Analytics showed 859 visitors - more than ever before in one day. Wow! Thanks!

This was also good for me personally, because the past months were a bit tough. I was still thinking about my last relationship. Although I sensed at the beginning of this relationship that it could not last forever, I gave in to this illusion. After all, it was a good two years with many wonderful moments. It seemed that despite adverse circumstances everything would be fine. What a mistake :-) The end came completely unexpectedly and under ludicrous circumstances. Crash from flight level 600 not to 0, but to -600.

That was intense at first. But every situation has its good sides, because when do you make a move? Only when you get seriously out of your comfort zone. That doesn't happen too often in life - here it was definitely the case :-) I had a business model in my head for quite some time and thought "Hey, you have to ...", and that was it. Now the moment had come! The pain became energy. I started KonBriefing, a project on compliance and IT security. Two topics that interest me very much and in which I am very experienced. The Internet domain for this is, I already had this. On this domain there is also the big area with historical approach charts from mil-airfields.

And now I come back to the beginning: I am still very happy when you continue to tell about mil-airfields. That gives me incredible motivation and joy. And especially cool would be posts or links to content on, for example the historical approach charts from meanwhile 14 European countries. I am honest: That would help me a lot with the new project.

But no matter if you post something or not: You are always welcome and it is a great pleasure for me if you can find something interesting or useful for you. This is the idea of mil-airfields, for more than 20 years.