Altes Lager: Air Base

Jüterbog, Jueterbog, Аэродром Альтес-Лагер

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N515944 E0125854 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps
Elevation: 328'


Federal State of Brandenburg.
Altes Lager Air Base on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972 - The blue lines mark the allied air corridors from and to Berlin (ONC E-2 (1972), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin /PCL MC/)

Use until 1945

Luftwaffe airfield.

Use during the Cold War

Soviet forces airbase.

Current use


Airfield Map

Situation of Altes Lager air base in the 1980s - This map from the former East German National People's Army shows the military use of the airspace southwest of Berlin. As a topographic feature the autobahns are marked. K3 marks the southern allied corridor, which opens into the circular Berlin Control Zone at the top, of which only the lower part is visible. Partially parallel to the southern corridor is the much smaller East German airway W2, which begins at the Schönefeld Terminal Area (TMA) and breaks to the south at a point southwest of Wittenberg. The small circles mark airfields, Altes Lager has a red point. The irregular loop surrounding an airfield is the respective approach system. The large circle is the 60km radius around the Holzdorf airfield. In addition, some flight zones and restricted areas are listed.


Data for the year 1990:
  • 10/28: 2600 m

Radio navigation

Data for the 1970s:
  • LOM 28: 313 "BM"
  • LMM 28: 645 "B"
  • LOM 10: 313 "LG"
  • LMM 10: 645 "L"


The russian call signs for the airfield were:
GABARITNIJ (observed mid of the 1960s)
LEXIJA (198x-199x) (means "Lecture", original notation in Cyrillic: ЛЕКЦИЯ).
On a map of meterological station from the tower at Sperenberg airfield from the beginnning of the 1990s, the Name KNIGA was noted for Altes Lager (=Name of Met office?).

Standard Training Routes

"Flüge der LSK/LV der NVA und der LSK der GSSD im Rahmen der Gefechtsausbildung sind entsprechend der Grafik der Flugtage / -nächte auf der Grundlage der "Hauptflugregeln zum Fliegen im Luftraum der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik" auf Standardflugstrecken in den dazu festgelegten Flughöhen durchzuführen. ..." (Source: "Verzeichnis der Standardflugstrecken der LSK/LV der NVA und der LSK der GSSD")
223 Altes Lager, Gräfenhainichen, LK, Schönewalde, Altes Lager
Altitude: 600 - 1850 m (in coordination with VHZ)
Interception leg: Zahna, Burgkemnitz, Prettin, Schweinitz
224 Altes Lager, Nauen, Wolmirstedt, Altes Lager
Altitude: 4900, 5500 m
Interception legt: Buschow, Colbitz
225 Altes Lager, Öhna, Golssen, Baruth, Schießplatz Heidehof range, Markendorf, Altes Lager
Altitude: 300 - 600 m
227 Altes Lager, Wittenberg, Trossin, Schildau, Schießplatz Belgern range, Herzberg, Altes Lager
Altitude: to the range 300 - 1200 m, return 1200 - 1850 m (climb overhead range)
228 Altes Lager, Raben, Sömmerda, Senftenberg, Altes Lager
Altitude: 7900, 8550, 11900 - 18000 m
Descend: Senftenberg, abeam Finsterwalde maximum altitude 7900 m
Interception leg: Coswig, Halle, Traverse Leipzig, Lauchhammer
543 Altes Lager, Treuenbrietzen, Niemegk, Cobbelsdorf, Zahna, Öhna, Altes Lager
Altitute: 100 - 300 m

Real Property

Anti-aircraft missile site 5.6 km west of the airfield near Lindow.


  • 1966 Observation by the US Military Liaison Mission: The Jueterbog regiment has been equipped with aircraft MiG-21 FISHBED F, like the regiments in Pütnitz and possibly Altenburg. Source: /USMLM 1966/
  • May 1966 Observation by the US Military Liaison Mission: "In May the FISHBED air defense regiment at Jueterbog twice deployed to the Reinsdorf grass strip; this was the first sighting of FISHBED F aircraft operating on a natural surface and added measurably to our knowledge of the aircraft's capabilities."

Additional information

It seems that the Jüterbog / Altes Lager airfield has been copied and build as a target airfield in Nevada / USA. In the western part of the Nellis Airforce Range is the "Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range" (TPECR). About 7 km northwest of the TPECR is an airfield target (N3722 W11650). According to a document from the internet, this airfield is named as "Eastman Airfield Target" or "Target 76-14".
According to other sources in the internet, the airfield is also named "Korean Airfield". But it has strong similarities to "Jüterbog / Altes Lager". It has the northeastern taxiway loop which is characteristical for "Altes Lager". The strongest similarity are the three ramps in front of hangars on the western side of the loop. The other taxiways have at least a similar layout in comparison to the original airfield. The runway of the copy is about 400 m shorter.
About 2.5 km west-northwest of the copy there is an object which might be a copy of the SAM site, located 5.6 km west-northwest of the original airfield. And there is a SA-2 SAM site located 5.6 km to the northwest of the copy.
In some distance, there is another copy of an east german airfield. See Altenburg.
  • Google Maps - 1st airfield replica at N372146 W1164940
  • Google Maps - 2nd airfield replica at N372545 W1165108


  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1969 - Notice about unmarked MiG-21PF in Jüterbog in August 1969; Notice about a flying program at 14OCT1969.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1972 - The wing has a mix of MiG-21PF and MiG-21PFM; deployment to Reinsdorf in July (observed on the 10th., 11th und 12th June) (with two pictures from Reinsdorf); At the end of 1972, the anti-aircraft missile site has 7 MERCURY GRASS.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1973 - Notice about introduction of MiG-21bis FISHBED L at Jüterbog. First sighting on the 17th April 1973. The most of the MiG-21PF returned to the Soviet Union. The MiG-21PFM left for Alt Lönnewitz/Falkenberg Air Base.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1975 - Deployment of MiG-21bis from Jüterbog to Reinsdorf. Picture of a MiG-21bis from Jüterbog.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1977 - First photographic evidence about using AA-8 APHID with MiG-21bis.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1984 - First sighting of MiG-23MLD FLOGGER K in Jüterbog on the 13th March 1984; Inventory in may 1984: 12 MiG-23MLD FLOGGER K and 24 MiG-23ML FLOGGER G
  • Sachsenbunker
  • Garnisongeschichte Jüterbog - Comprehensive history of the Juterbog garrison. With many pictures.


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    United States Military Liaison Mission: "Unit History 1966"
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