Jüterbog: Damm Airfield

Jüterbog Damm Air Base

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KoordinatenN515835 E0130357 (WGS84) Google Maps
Map with location of Jueterbog-Damm Air Base, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map

During World War II


Luftwaffe air base.


Jüterbog Damm Air Base in World War II on a map 1943
Jüterbog Damm Air Base in World War II on a US map from 1943 (Source: McMaster University Library Digital Archive, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 CC BY-NC 2.5 CA)

During the Cold War


Soviet military base, which was also used by liaison aircraft in the 1950s.


Map of the Soviet barracks at Juterbog-Damm in 1950
Sketch of the Soviet barracks in 1950 - Most of the former landing field is unusable (Source: CIA)
1Radar station
2Hangar housing three planes
3Former airfield administration, partly destroyed
4, 5Hangars
6Hangar, which seemed to be used as a repair shop
7Aerodrome buildings
8Hangar, probably storage facilities
9Target range, neglected but usable
Jüterbog Damm Airfield, Germany, on a US satellite image 1970
Jüterbog Damm Airfield on a US satellite image from 10 March 1970 - The area is snow-covered (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)
Soviet SA-2 (S-75) anti-aircraft missile site at Jueterbog Damm, Germany
Enlargement - In addition to the Soviet barracks, a circular anti-aircraft missile site SA-2 (S-75) is visible. (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)





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