Wow, I'm impressed!

A personal message from Bert from in July 2020

In June I wrote about how you can support and me in my other projects - if you want to: By bringing more visitors to the site through links and posts. What followed was crazy: There were Facebook posts about Sweden, Highway Strips, Lemwerder, Milan, Cologne-Bonn, Jüterbog, Salzwedel, Göppingen, airports in the Oderbruch and the East German industry (I hope I didn't forget anything). All linked to Wow, I did not expect that, I was very impressed every time!

And the results were sensational. Top of the list during this time was the 18 June with 809 visitors. In total, I had 16,303 users and 42,343 page views on Google Analytics in June. And July will be in the same dimension.

Many many thanks, you really helped me a lot!