Kleinallmerspann: Highway Strip

Autobahn-Notlandeplatz NLP

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CoordinatesN491033 E0095839 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 1440 ft
Federal stateBaden-Württemberg
Germany during the Cold War Map
The history of the Cold War airfields: Kleinallmerspann

Location of airfield

The village Kleinallmerspann is written with double L. But in US maps, the villlage was written only with one L.
7.5 km northwest of Crailsheim, Autobahn A6, between Reußenberg parking and intersection Kirchberg. The village of Kleinallmerspann is located ca. 500 m southwest of the intersection Kirchheim.

During the Cold War


Highway strip on autobahn.


  • 10/28: 2900m





Pictures 2005

I took the following pictures in 2005. There was construction work in the area of the highway strip.
North eastern parking First entry (2005)
North eastern parking Second entry lane (closed)
North eastern parking Exit to the highway strip (looking west)
Highway strip looking west
Water tower and red-white painted mast near Herboldshausen
Kirchberg intersection at the western end

Pictures 2010

These aerial pictures were taken by Kar@ya in August 2010. The pictures were corrected/adjusted. Many thanks, Kar@ya!
The highway strip looking into northwestern direction
Western end with Kirchberg intersection and view to Kirchberg/Jagst (upper/northern edge of the picture)
The whole installation as seen from Kirchberg intersection.The inlet shows the Reußenberg parking at the eastern end.


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