Highway Strips Worldwide

List of Highway Strips / Road Landing Strips worldwide

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!

In various countries around the world, sections of motorways and roads have been prepared for military flight operations. A particularly high density developed during the Cold War in Europe.

Typical features are:
- straight road section with a length of 2 to 3 kilometres
- continuous central reservation on motorways
- Obstacle-free approach, possibly deforested areas
- Obstacle clearance on both sides of the road, with notable exceptions
- Large parking spaces as ramp areas
- in some cases own ramp areas

At the end of the Cold War, most of the Highway Strips were taken out of service and dismantled. However, in some countries they remain part of the defence system and are regularly involved in exercises, for example in Sweden and Finland. In Poland, a new Highway Strip has been built and India and China even seem to start anew with such a concept.

Name: Lentokoneiden varalaskupaikka


Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina)

N440509 E0164845 Google Maps
Glamoč airfield had a grass runway with paved threshold areas. In addition, it had a runway on the nearby road.

Bulgaria (България)

N425523 E0234753 Google Maps
Byala Slatina
N432658 E0235127 Google Maps
Dulbok Izvor
N420111 E0250744 Google Maps
N421842 E0261457 Google Maps
Stanke Dimitrov: Air Base
N421840 E0231446 Google Maps
Road from the airfield to Separeva Bania.
Stanke Dimitrov
N421032 E0230302 Google Maps
N422050 E0263420 Google Maps
N421218 E0243213 Google Maps

Cyprus (Κύπρος, Kıbrıs)

N345012 E0332459 Google Maps
N345512 E0332424 Google Maps
N344249 E0323247 Google Maps

Czech Republic (Česká republika)

The two highway strips are probably not intended to be used anymore.

N492257 E0155602 Google Maps
N491758 E0170135 Google Maps

Estonia (Eesti)

Highway strips

N592352 E0251727 Google Maps
N584637 E0265506 Google Maps
N583359 E0234748 Google Maps

Additional information

Deployment of A-10 aircraft to Jägala in 2016
A-10 Aircraft Land on Highway in Estonia (HD)
Shows, among other things, the work of the controller on the ground
A-10 Warthogs Land on a Highway in Estonia (low passes, go-around)
A-10 Thunderbolt II landing in Estonia on road
Deployment of A-10 aircraft to Jägala in 2017
A-10 Warthog minor accident in Estonia
This A-10 touches down too early and damages a barrier.

Finland (Suomi)

Highway strips in Finland are periodically used during exercises.

N623940 E0233315 Google Maps
N605106 E0233118 Google Maps
N642847 E0255723 Google Maps
N614611 E0260606 Google Maps
N630854 E0230608 Google Maps
N611840 E0260657 Google Maps
N614549 E0271857 Google Maps
N615142 E0223012 Google Maps
N635340 E0250158 Google Maps
N612455 E0233803 Google Maps
N652433 E0265335 Google Maps
N635222 E0264839 Google Maps
N663411 E0254750 Google Maps
Road 9523 west of the airport. Readiness areas in the north and south. Connection to the airport available.
N625643 E0264908 Google Maps
N621236 E0275216 Google Maps
N605803 E0224104 Google Maps
N670407 E0263218 Google Maps
N673716 E0243507 Google Maps


In France, only one highway strip is known. Close to Munchhouse in Alsace there is a straight road, nearly 1900 m long and 20 m wide, with a parking area. It is probably not used anymore.

N475157 E0072523 Google Maps

Germany (Deutschland)

All German highway strips had been taken out of service. The strips were often brought back to normal Autobahn standards during regular construction works.

Old Federal Republic of Germany

Name: Notlandeplatz (NLP) (Emergency landing place), also see

N492208 E0092622 Google Maps
N525525 E0081014 Google Maps
N513427 E0062555 Google Maps
N503507 E0070304 Google Maps
N524233 E0081023 Google Maps
N481514 E0083836 Google Maps
N543736 E0092628 Google Maps
N542614 E0093534 Google Maps
N513550 E0083303 Google Maps
N515232 E0072014 Google Maps
N520349 E0073728 Google Maps
N532101 E0083540 Google Maps
N523721 E0080806 Google Maps
N491308 E0085937 Google Maps
N491033 E0095839 Google Maps
N521029 E0074615 Google Maps
N482358 E0075101 Google Maps
N534306 E0083946 Google Maps
N531847 E0093353 Google Maps
N495215 E0075736 Google Maps
N525705 E0083245 Google Maps

Additional information

Autobahn - Take Off
Exercise of the German Air Force on the Bad Neuenahr highway strip with Fiat G.91 aircraft
A-10 Landing on Autobahn
Video from the exercise "Highway 84" on the Autobahn A 29 near Ahlhorn in 1984
C-160 & C-130 Landing On Autobahn
Two C-160 Transall and one C-130 Hercules transport aircraft land on the Autobahn A29 during the "Highway 84" exercise
Planes Landing On Autobahn
Exercise "Highway 84"

Former East Germany

Name: Autobahnabschnitt ABA (Autobahn section), also see

N523745 E0141133 ca. Google Maps (approximate location)
N514107 E0144054 Google Maps
N540133 E0121202 Google Maps
N511132 E0125937 Google Maps
N530003 E0123557 Google Maps
N524033 E0130025 Google Maps
N512559 E0134930 Google Maps
N521842 E0135101 Google Maps
N514019 E0121220 Google Maps
N5055 E01102
N510937 E0134729 Google Maps
N511547 E0120539 Google Maps

Additional information

Flugplatzabschnitte auf Autobahnen (Airstrips on Autobahn)
Part of the former official regulation DV 105/0/003 "Design and construction of airfields of the NVA", formerly "Secret". It describes the requirements for highway sections in East Germany.

Lithuania (Lietuva)

N560708 E0245708 Google Maps
N555532 E0213405 Google Maps
N553847 E0242112 Google Maps

Poland (Polska)

Name: Drogowy odcinek lotniskowy (DOL)

Most of the Polish highway strips are not located on motorways, but on country roads, some of which are narrow. At the beginning of the 1990s, most of them were taken out of service. The Kliniska highway strip has been used for exercises occasionally. In addition, a new highway strip has been constructed in the east of Poland recently.

Highway strips

N534852 E0165836 Google Maps
N513925 E0201625
N542207 E0171241 Google Maps
N543617 E0182649 Google Maps
N521318 E0163335 Google Maps
N543123 E0163004 Google Maps
N532539 E0144817 Google Maps
N531841 E0180036 Google Maps
N514834 E0163800 Google Maps
N540243 E0145418 Google Maps
N532730 E0162219 Google Maps
N524507 E0143038
N532307 E0160920 Google Maps
N540410 E0163212 Google Maps
N533632 E0182708 Google Maps
N505744 E0190212 Google Maps
N514214 E0184308 Google Maps
N533420 E0171545 Google Maps
N510947 E0164008 Google Maps
N532200 E0204743 Google Maps
N521801 E0173740 Google Maps

Additional information

Mig-21 landing on a highway
This excerpt from the film "Miedzy niebem a ziemia" shows MiG-21 aircraft landing on and taking off from a highway strip.

Romania (România)

N444206 E0251160 Google Maps

Slovakia (Slovensko)

This highway strip is probably not intended to be used anymore.

N484126 E0175221 Google Maps

Sweden (Sverige)

The Swedish name for highway strips is Reservvägbas. Excersises are held on them periodically.

N565831 E0162357 Google Maps
Possibly in the area of a former airfield. It has a readiness area in the north and in the south. The northern area is no longer connected to the motorway.
N603305 E0172958 Google Maps
N623514 E0154317 Google Maps
N653232 E0214932 Google Maps
N564902 E0133230 Google Maps
N635559 E0185804 Google Maps
N602549 E0153127 Google Maps
N574101 E0182718 Google Maps
N564210 E0142260 Google Maps
N650509 E0204652 Google Maps
N650450 E0210641 Google Maps
N573627 E0182035 Google Maps
N582713 E0125927 Google Maps
N600952 E0180641 Google Maps
N593728 E0164350 Google Maps
N582343 E0124710 Google Maps
N562624 E0150658 Google Maps
N564526 E0133808 Google Maps
N595151 E0165536 Google Maps
N581655 E0141541 Google Maps
N564822 E0150634 Google Maps
N561226 E0155212 Google Maps
N595343 E0170741 Google Maps
N592303 E0164359 Google Maps
N591944 E0164103 Google Maps
N571844 E0140544 Google Maps
N560729 E0131248 Google Maps
N582233 E0153235 Google Maps
N570611 E0143813 Google Maps
N652317 E0201515 Google Maps
N582447 E0125059 Google Maps
N565259 E0153837 Google Maps
N582813 E0130331 Google Maps
N630813 E0144714 Google Maps
N631758 E0183159 Google Maps
N631151 E0143037 Google Maps
N554344 E0132537 Google Maps
N553604 E0134249 Google Maps
N602824 E0175008 Google Maps
N565009 E0161028 Google Maps
N654915 E0203410 Google Maps

Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera)

N465615 E0081639 Google Maps
N461743 E0065731 ? Google Maps (approximate location)
N470457 E0092201 Google Maps
N461718 E0085930 Google Maps
N465200 E0073256 Google Maps
N471742 E0074509 Google Maps
N465040 E0065555 Google Maps
N461302 E0071958 Google Maps

Ukraine (Україна)

N500935 E0252016 Google Maps



N400500 E0435233 Google Maps


N322410 E0481054 Google Maps
N372053 E0460738 Google Maps
N340408 E0463554 Google Maps


Ar Rutbah
N330325 E0402418 Google Maps
N325043 E0391827 Google Maps
Radif Al Khafi
N315555 E0420834 Google Maps
Shayk Hantush
N321740 E0445304 Google Maps


N320555 E0352043 Google Maps
Kefar Gallim
N324556 E0345715 Google Maps


Al Quwayrah
N294937 E0351957 Google Maps
N320151 E0362412 Google Maps

North Korea

Given the general situation it can be assumed that the highway strips in North Korea are still planned to be used. Apart from the locations listed here, more landing grounds are named as "Highway Strip" on maps of the US Department of Defense. However, on satellite pictures they are appear not on but next to the road. These are not listed here.

Koksan South
N384358 E1263936 Google Maps
Nuchon Ni
N381356 E1261548 Google Maps
Okpyong Ni
N391617 E1271914 Google Maps
Pyong Ni South
N391914 E1255351 Google Maps
N385043 E1260355 Google Maps
N394018 E1254027 Google Maps
N392511 E1253957 Google Maps

South Korea

In South Korea, many highway strips have been dismantled or became unusable by bridges. In addition to the ones listed here, on maps of the US Department of Defense more places are called "Highway Strip", which do not run on a road, but as an independent emergency runway. They are not listed here.

N353741 E1265331 Google Maps
N373335 E1264937 Google Maps
N360938 E1281427 Google Maps
N353219 E1290649 Google Maps
N371826 E1270613 Google Maps
N365345 E1271121 Google Maps
N371339 E1270128 Google Maps
N354924 E1283052 Google Maps
N365017 E1283444 Google Maps


Singapore's highway strips are occasionally used for training.

Highway strips

Singapore: Bedok / East Coast Parkway
N011855 E1035733 Google Maps
Singapore: Lim Chu Kang Road
N012325 E1034154 Google Maps

Additional information

From Roads to Runways
Preparation of a road for flight operations within 48 hours
Road runway: RSAF Exercise Torrent 2016


From time to time, highway strips in Taiwan are used in excersises. The ones listed here are named after the chainage of motorway (in kilometers).

N240017 E1203044 Google Maps
N233244 E1202446 Google Maps
N231435 E1201502 Google Maps
N225537 E1201523 Google Maps
N245827 E1211316 Google Maps


Ban Klang
N183418 E0990239 Google Maps
Bang Nom Lom
N181842 E0992448 ? Google Maps
Hang Chat
N181913 E0991900 ca. Google Maps



Punta Maria
S535728 W0672829 Google Maps
Rio Chico
S533827 W0675658 Google Maps
Rio Gallegos
S513706 W0694541 Google Maps
Villa Reynolds East
S334355 W0651833 Google Maps


S195942 W0694544 ca. Google Maps


Alto Cedro
N202847 W0755650 Google Maps
San Jose de Las Lajas
N225839 W0820756 Google Maps
San Pedro
N225846 W0822818 Google Maps


In Australia there are countless emergency landing strips on roads prepared for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). The RFDS provides medical care in remote areas and lands on both bush runways and special road sections. The road sections are signposted and have marked thresholds. During aircraft operations, they are blocked at both ends by the police.

Here are some examples of emergency landing strips, of which there are many.

Eyre Highway: RFDS Emergency Landing Strip
S315351 E1273703 Google Maps
North West Coastal Highway: RFDS Emergency Landing Strip
S223631 E1152560 Google Maps
Stuart Highway: RFDS Emergency Landing Strip
S301234 E1351352 Google Maps

Additional information

Guide to Road Design: Emergency Landing Strips
Guideline for the design of Emergency Landing Strips
Traffic Management Plan – Nanutarra Emergency Airstrip NWCH
Traffic management plan for Nanutarry Emergency Airstrip on the North West Coastal Highway. To read the document, download it, save it locally, add the extension .pdf to the filename and then open it. Or open it with Chrome or Firefox, you are asked for it.
RFDS Emergency Landing Strip Sign
Nullabor Road/Landing Strip
Landing on the Nullabor Hwy
Royal Flying Doctor Service Emergency Road Airstrip Landing
Good to recognize: Roadblock by the police and marking of the strip.