Augsburg: Flak Strip

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N482311 E0105101 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps
Elevation: 1615 ft


Federal State (Freestate) of Bayern (Bavaria).
Germany during the Cold War

Location of airfield

The airfield was located north of Flak Kaserne, between Kobelweg and the railway.

Usage during the Cold War

Landing strip of the US Army, used until the 1970s.



  • 09/27: 945m x 20m Grass
Only 1500 ft were usable from each end due to obstacles. The touchdown point from either end was the center point of the runway.

Airspace and procedures

Unattended. Traffic pattern north 2400 ft.


High tension wires: distance 1000' west, height 200'

Use today


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