US Army Airfields and Heliports in Germany

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Cold War Airfields, by Bert Kondruss


Airfields and Heliports A-Z

This list is sorted according to the city (e.g. Coleman → Mannheim: Coleman)

US Army airfields and heliports in Germany (176)
Amberg: Army Airfield AAF
Ansbach: Army Airfield / Heliport
Ansbach: Hindenburg Kaserne Army Heliport
Aschaffenburg: AHP
Aschaffenburg: Army Airfield AAF
Aschaffenburg: Graves Army Heliport AHP
Augsburg: Flak Kaserne, Hospital Army Heliport AHP
Augsburg: Flak Strip
Augsburg: Fryar
Augsburg: Haunstetten Airfield
Augsburg: Reese Barracks
Augsburg: Sheridan Heliport
Babenhausen: Army Airfield
Bad Aibling: AHP
Bad Hersfeld: Army Airfield AAF / Army Heliport AHP
Bad Kissingen: Army Airfield AAF
Bad Kissingen: Daley Bks Army Heliport AHP
Bad Kissingen: Hawk Site Helipad
Bad Kreuznach: Army Airfield AAF
Bad Kreuznach: Hospital Army Heliport AHP
Bad Tölz: Baker Army Airfield AAF
Bamberg: Army Airfield AAF
Baumholder: Army Airfield AAF
Baumholder: H D Smith Army Heliport AHP
Baumholder: Hospital Army Heliport AHP
Bayreuth: Army Airfield
Berlin: Steinstücken Helipad
Berlin: Tempelhof Airport
Bischofswiesen: Helipad
Böblingen: Panzer Army Heliport AHP
Böblingen: Stuttgart-Böblingen Airport, Maintenance Facility
Bocksberg: Radio Relay Site Helipad
Bonn: Airfield / Army Heliport AHP
Bottingen: Army Heliport AHP
Breitsol: US Army Heliport
Bremerhaven: Army Airfield AAF
Büdingen: Army Airfield AAF
Butzbach: Army Heliport AHP
Crailsheim: Army Airfield
Crailsheim: McKee Barracks Army Heliport AHP
Dahn: Army Heliport AHP
Darmstadt: Army Airfield AAF
Darmstadt: Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne Army Heliport
Darmstadt: Kelley Barracks Army Heliport
Dexheim: Anderson Barracks Army Heliport AHP
Erlangen: Army Airfield AAF
Eschborn: Airfield
Feucht: Army Airfield AAF
Fischbach: Army Heliport AHP
Frankfurt/M: Bonames Airfield
Frankfurt/M: Casino Army Heliport AHP
Frankfurt/M: Drake Bks AHP
Frankfurt/M: Hospital AHP
Friedberg: Army Airfield AAF
Friedberg: Thunder Pad, Savage Pad Army Heliport AHP
Fulda: AHP
Fulda: Army Airfield AAF
Fürth: Army Airfield AAF
Fürth: Dambach Housing Area Helipad
Fürth: Johnson Barracks Army Helipad
Fürth: Pinder AHP
Gablingen: Army Airfield, Army Helipad
Garlstedt: Clay Kaserne Army Heliport
Garmisch: Army Heliport
Gelnhausen: Army Airfield AAF
Germersheim: Reserve Storage Activity Army Airfield / Heliport
Giebelstadt: Air Base, Army Airfield AAF
Gießen: AAF/AHP
Gießen: Rivers AHP
Göppingen: Army Air Field AAF
Grafenwöhr: Army Air Field AAF
Grafenwöhr: Main Pad AHP
Grafenwöhr: Med Evac AHP
Hanau: Army Air Field AAF
Hanau: Großauheim Kaserne Army Heliport
Hanau: Hutier Army Heliport AHP
Hanau: Pioneer Army Heliport AHP
Heidelberg: Army Air Field AAF
Heidelberg: Hospital Army Heliport AHP
Heidelberg: Königstuhl Radio Relay Station Helicopter Landing Site
Heilbronn: Army Airfield AAF
Heilbronn: Wharton Barracks Army Heliport AHP
Herzogenaurach: Herzo Base Army Heliport (West)
Hohenfels: Albertshof AHP
Hohenfels: Army Airfield
Hohenfels: Hospital AHP
Hohenstadt: Radio Relay Site Helipad
Hoppstädten-Weiersbach: Army Airfield
Illesheim: Army Air Field AAF
Inneringen: AHP
Kaiserslautern: Depot AHP
Kaiserslautern: Kapaun AHP
Kaiserslautern: Kleber Kaserne AHP
Kaiserslautern: Rhine Ordnance Barracks AHP
Karlsruhe: Airfield
Karlsruhe: Gerszewski AHP
Karlsruhe: Neureut AHP
Karlsruhe: Smiley Barracks AHP
Kirch-Göns: Army Airfield
Kirch-Göns: Ayers Kaserne Army Heliport
Kitzingen: AHP
Kitzingen: Army Airfield AAF
Kleingartach: AHP
Kornwestheim: Ludendorff Kaserne Army Heliport
Kriegsfeld: Army Helipad
Landstuhl: Hospital AHP
Landstuhl: US Army Heliport AHP
Lehmgrube: AHP
Lemwerder: Airfield
Lenggries: Prinz-Heinrich-Kaserne Helipad
Ludwigsburg: Army Airfield AAF
Ludwigsburg: Coffey Bks AHP
Ludwigsburg: Flak Kaserne Helipad
Mainz: Finthen Army Airfield AAF
Mainz: Robert Lee Barracks Army Helipad
Mannheim: Coleman Army Airfield AAF
Mannheim: Funari Barracks Helipad
Mannheim: Hammond Barracks Army Heliport
Mannheim: Spinelli Barracks Helipad
Mannheim: Sullivan Army Heliport
Mannheim: Taylor Barracks Army Heliport
Massweiler: Depot AHP
Miesau: Depot AHP
Miesau: West AHP
Münchweiler: Hospital Army Helipad
Munich: Oberwiesenfeld Airfield
Munich: Perlacher Forst Hospital Army Heliport
Munich: Texas Area Army Heliport
Munich: Warner Kaserne Helipad
Munich: Warner Strip Airfield
Münster: AHP
Murnau: AHP
Nahbollenbach: QM Depot AHP
Nellingen: Army Heliport AHP
Neubrücke: Hospital AHP
Neu-Ulm: Ulm Army Airfield
Nuremberg: Hospital AHP
Nürnberg: Soldiers Field Army Airfield
Oberammergau: AHP
Oberschleißheim: Airfield
Oberursel: AHP
Pforzheim: Army Heliport
Pirmasens: US Army Airfield
Regensburg: Army Heliport
Regensburg: Prüfening Airfield
Rothwesten: Gunpost Army Heliport
Rötz: Army Heliport
Schwabach: AHP
Schwabach: Army Airfield
Schwäbisch Gmünd: Army Airfield, Army Heliport
Schwäbisch Hall: Hessental Army Airfield AAF
Schwanberg: Radio Relay Site Helipad
Schweinfurt: Army Airfield
Schweinfurt: Ledward AHP
Siegelsbach: Depot AHP
Stuttgart: Airport, Army Airfield
Stuttgart: Bad Cannstatt Hospital AHP
Stuttgart: Kelley Bks AHP
Stuttgart: Patch Barracks Army Heliport
Stuttgart: Robinson Bks AHP
Todendorf: Army Airfield
Vilseck: AAF
Vilseck: Main AHP
Vilseck: Officers Club AHP
Vilseck: Patton Hill AHP
Wertheim: Army Airfield
Wiesbaden: Air Base, Army Airfield
Wiesbaden: Hospital AHP
Wildflecken: Army Airfield
Worms: US Army Heliport AHP
Würzburg: Emery Army Airfield
Würzburg: Hospital AHP
Würzburg: Leighton Barracks Army Airfield / Heliport
Zweibrücken: Kreuzberg Kaserne AHP
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