Rothenburg/Oberlausitz: Air Base


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CoordinatesN512152 E0145704 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 517 ft
Former East GermanyDistrict of Dresden
Federal stateSachsen (Saxony)
Location indicatorETRO (1990), EDBR (200x)
Airfield Id2115
Map with location of Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Air Base, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map
Rothenburg was a military airfield of the former National People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee, NVA) of the GDR. For many years, the Pilot Training Wing 15 (Fliegerausbildungsgeschwader 15, FAG-15) with the honorary name "Heinz Kapelle" was stationed here, which carried out the training on aircraft MiG-21. Presumably due to the maximum distance to the west, the field was also used to deliver new Soviet aircraft types to the NVA. Since German reunification, the airport has been used for general aviation.

Location of airfield

3 km north of Rothenburg/OL.

During the Cold War


East German Airforce base.

In the 1970s


Rothenburg on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972 - The airfield is located directly on the border with Poland


Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Air Base, Germany, on a US satellite image 1970
Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Air Base on a US satellite image from 26 November 1970 - 1: inner radio beacon south; 2: inner radio beacon north; Places: Bremenhain, Lodenau, Neusorge, Rothenburg (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)
Rothenburg airfield, 1975
Thursday 26 June 1975 - On this picture the earth brake surfaces are well visible as bright areas on both sides of the runway (1 and 2). They are intended to stop an aircraft that has rolled over the end of the runway. At a distance of about 1000 m there are the two innder marking points (3 and 4). In the forest southwest there is a depot (5). (Source: U.S. Geological Survey)

In the 1980s and early 1990s


Rothenburg in Verzeichnis 012
Rothenburg air base on a map in the East German National People's Army "Directory 012" (Verzeichnis 012, formerly "Top Secret") from about 1989/1990. - Hand-drawn maps were quite common in the Eastern bloc. The map shows the nearby villages Neusorge, Bremenhain and Lodenau, the airfield with concrete and grass runway und the taxiways. On the right side is Poland. (Source: NVA LSK/LV)


  • 18/36: 2500 m x 76 m Concrete
  • 18/36: 2500 m x 100 m Grass

Radio beacons

  • LOM36: 668 "OR", 4150m to THR36
  • LMM36: 326 "O", 1020m to THR36
  • LOM18: 709 "RO", 3710m to THR18
  • LMM18: 326 "R", 1000m to THR18

Radio communication

The radio call sign of the airfield was OPER.


1990: FAG-15 "Heinz Kapelle" (MiG-21SPS, MiG-21SPS-K, MiG-21U, MiG-21US, MiG-21UM)



General aviation airfield, solar park.


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