Map of airfields Dresden, Germany

Airfields in Dresden, Germany

N5100 E01300
Active / old / lost / abandoned / disused / former airports, military and agricultural airfields and heliports
Federal state: Brandenburg,
Sachsen (Saxony)
Former East Germany (GDR): District of Leipzig,
District of Dresden,
District of Cottbus
Region: Oberlausitz,
Dresden: Klotzsche Airport
Dresden: Heller Heliport
Falkenberg: Air Base
Großenhain: Air Base
Großröhrsdorf: Helipad 3138
Königsbrück: Agricultural Airfield, Helipad 3044
Kroppen: Anti-aircraft Missile Unit 313
Leisnig: Highway Strip
Lohmen: Helipad 3039
Naustadt: Helipad 3164
Ruhland: Highway Strip
Straßgräbchen: Helipad 3130
Wehlen: Dorf Wehlen Agricultural Airfield
Weixdorf: Highway Strip
Zeithain: Airfield
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