Altfriedland: Highway Strip planned

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CoordinatesN523745 E0141133 ca. (WGS84) Google Maps (approximate location)
Former East GermanyDistrict of Frankfurt/O
Map with location of Altfriedland Highway Strip
Germany during the Cold War
The history of the Cold War airfields: Altfriedland
by Bert Kondruss


Documents of the former East German "National People's Army" (NVA) from the 1980s refer to a "Altfriedland Highway Strip". north-east of Berlin. Altfriedland is located only 2 km northwest of Neuhardenberg Airfield (formerly Marxwalde). There is no highway there, the outlined orientation of the runway suggests rather a position on the road F 167 (today Federal Road B 167) between Altfriedland and Gottesgabe. This road landing section was probably only planned and was not realised.
This highway strip had the airfield number 2035 in the NVA.
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