Templin: Air Base

Groß Dölln

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Coordinates: N530155 E0133233 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation: 202 ft
Location Indicator: EDUT (200x)


Germany during the Cold War

During the Cold War


Soviet air base.


Templin Air Base on a US map from 1969 (Composed of two sheets) - (Source: Earth Sciences and Map Library, University of California, Berkeley)
Templin Air Base on a map of the US Department of Defense from 1972 - (ONC E-2 (1972), Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin /PCL MC/)


Data for the year 1990:
  • 09/27: 3500 m Concrete
  • 09/27 Grass
  • 01/19: 2600 m

Radio beacons

Data for the year 1990:
  • LOM 27: 451 "IK"
  • LMM 27: 219 "I"
  • LOM 09: 451 "PG"
  • LMM 09: 219 "P"

Radio communication

Call sign: ASTORIJA (197x), LEOPARD (199x), see List of call signs


1990: 20 GwAPIB (Su-17M-3, Su-17M-4, Su-17UM-3); 487 OBVP (Mi-8, Mi-24)


The airfield area was stated with 1503.40 ha.
Remote dispersal area at the southern end of runway 01
Railway siding vom Vogelsang station
Related objects: SAM site near Storkow; Fuel depot Kurtschlag.


  • 1988 Unusual observation o a Templin FITTER at the Retzow Firing Range: The plane dropped a bomb. As the bomb fell from the plane, a flare ignited on the rear of the bomb and fell away seperately to the ground. Source: /USMLM 1988/
  • November 20th, 1988 Observation of low-level flying over the Rossow Range: "Three four-ship of FITTER H from Templin Soviet Airfield were observed operating between 300-500 feet AGL. These aircraft ingressed to the range at between 500-750 feet, but were seen turning after weapons delivery at 300-500 feet and staying low until out of sight." Assessment: "While these observations are the exception and not the rule, they do indicate the Soviets have some pilots trained to operate at altitudes approaching the low-level regime of NATO pilots.



General aviation airfield (EDUT).


  • /USMLM 1988/:
    United States Military Liaison Mission: "Unit History 19xx"
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