Map of airfields in the Nürnberg area, Germany - Southeastern part

Airfields Nürnberg, Germany - Southeastern part

N4900 E01100
Active / old / lost / abandoned / disused / former airports, military and agricultural airfields and heliports
Federal state: Bayern (Bavaria)
Region: Mittelfranken,
Franken (Franconia),
Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate)
Amberg: Army Airfield AAF
Feucht: Army Airfield AAF
Fürth: Army Airfield AAF
Fürth: Dambach Housing Area Helipad
Fürth: Industrieflughafen Airport
Hohenfels: Army Airfield
Nürnberg: Soldiers Field Army Airfield
Roth: Airfield
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