Großenhain: Air Base

For historical information only, do not use for navigation or aviation purposes!
Cold War Airfields: Großenhain
by Bert Kondruss
Coordinates: N511829 E0133318 (WGS84)
Map: Google Maps
Location Indicator: EDAK

Use until 1945

Luftwaffe air base (Fliegerhorst).

Use during the Cold War

Soviet/Russian air base.

Current use

General aviation (EDAK).


Data for the year 1990:
  • 12/30: 2500 m Concrete

Radio navigation

Data for the year 198x:
  • LOM 30: 510 "OZ"
  • LMM 30: 248 "O"
  • LOM 12: 510 "DR"
  • LMM 12: 248 "D"


Call sign: GLAVK (known for 1965/66), ARARAT (1980s)


296 APIB: MiG-27, MiG-23UB (1989..1993)



The following pictures were taken in 2006 and were provided by Many thanks!
Granit 2
Granit 2
MiG-17 Gate Guard

Command Post of the 105th Fighter Bomber Division

Courtesy of Abenteuer Heimat.
The building is a shelter, made from prefabricated concrete parts. 2 storeys, length 25 m, width 14 m, height 6,8 m, 2 entries, 1 installation entry, 1 emergency exit.
Installation hill with entries
Looking from the installation hill to the north
Main entry from the inside
Doorway at the main entry
Entry to the situation room
Tunnel from the entry to the situation room
Situation room
View to the situation room
Corridor on the lower floor
A room on the upper floor

Radio Beacon / Outer Marker

Courtesy of Abenteuer Heimat.
2 protected, earth-covered garages, several sheds, 2 buildings in hut-style, one with a heating installation, maybe used as sauna.
Road at the installation
Protected Garage


  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1969 - Notice about an intense flying program at the 09th october with Su-7 and Su-7U. Picture of a new shelter
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1973 - 41 flights during troop rotation in spring 1973. Observation of a TWIN EAR communication installation at the airfield.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1975 - Deployment of two squadrons Su-7 from Großenhain to Hassleben, observed from 06th july until 08th july 1975. Picture of the aircrafts at Hassleben.
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1978 - First observation of a camouflaged Su-17
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1985 - Relocation of a squadron Su-24 FENCER C from Brand: Air Base to Großenhain. It is expected that the Su-17 will be replaced by a full Su-24 regiment. Picture of a Su-24 ejecting fuel on the approach to Großenhain (26.09.2985)
  • (offline): USMLM Unit History 1986 - Replacement of Su-17 FITTER by Su-24 FENCER C has been completed. Picture of a Su-24 with open nose, showing the radar (29th july 1986)
  • Vimudeap
  • Airbase Großenhain - the final days
  • Sachsenbunker


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  • Freundt, Lutz: "Sowjetische Fliegerkräfte in Deutschland 1945-1994, Band 2" Freundt Eigenverlag, Diepholz 1999 - Description, pictures, aerial pictures (1953, 1991, 1992)
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  • Fülber, Marcus: "Red Stars Over Europe" Concord Publications Co, Hong Kong, 1993 - Several pictures of MiG-27 and MiG-23UB from Großenhain

Airfields in the vicinity

  • 074°/5km Brockwitz: Agricultural Airfield
  • 190°/5km Zschauitz: Agricultural Airfield
  • 280°/7km Bauda/Wildenhain: Agricultural Airfield
  • 094°/8km Lampertswalde: Agricultural Airfield
  • 122°/8km Bieberach: Agricultural Airfield
  • 145°/9km Ebersbach: Agricultural Airfield
  • 053°/10km Brößnitz: Agricultural Airfield
  • 276°/10km Glaubitz: Agricultural Airfield
  • 018°/12km Gröden: Agricultural Airfield
  • 199°/13km Ockrilla: Agricultural Airfield
  • 263°/14km Riesa: Göhlis Airfield
  • 193°/15km Meißen: Hospital Helipad
  • 239°/15km Oberlommatzsch: Agricultural Airfield
  • 076°/17km Ponickau: Agricultural Airfield
  • 137°/17km Radeburg: Agricultural Airfield
  • 265°/17km Riesa: Hospital Helipad
  • 220°/18km Pröda: Agricultural Airfield
  • 307°/19km Zeithain
  • 071°/20km Kroppen: Helipad 3136 (HSLP / HLP 3136)
  • 172°/20km Coswig: Hospital Helipad