Schönwalde: Airfield

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Coordinates: N523704 E0130935 (WGS84) Google Maps
Operator: GSTD (GSSD), WGT


Germany during the Cold War


Schönwalde was built in the 1930s as a Luftwaffe air base. After the end of World War II, the field was taken over by the Soviet occupation troops which continued operations, first with airplanes, later with helicopters. Finally, only the barracks were used, until they were abandoned in the early 1990s when the Russians withdrew. The airfield is also closed today.

Until 1945


Luftwaffe air base.


Schönwalde Air Base in World War II on a US map from 194x - (McMaster University Library Digital Archive, License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 CC BY-NC 2.5 CA /MULDA/)

During the Cold War


Soviet airfield, later the airfield was closed and only the barracks were used.

In the 1950s


Schönwalde airfield on a USAF map from 1952


Schönwalde Airfield on a US map from 1952 - (AMS M841 GSGS 4414, Courtesy Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University /BYU/)
Aerial picture from 1953 with barracks and airfield - (Source: Geoportal Berlin / Luftbilder 1953, Maßstab 1:22 000 /GEOBE/)
Soviet barracks
Airfield with the 1100m-long runway
Enlargement: Parking areas
Enlargement: Barracks and hangars - There seem to be planes at the eastern edge of the paved area in front of the two hangars.


  • 04/22: 1100 m Concrete

In the 1960s


Schönwalde Airfield on a US map from 1969 - (Source: Earth Sciences and Map Library, University of California, Berkeley)



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