Erfurt: Bindersleben Airport

Fliegerhorst Erfurt-Bindersleben, Аэродром Эрфурт, Flughafen Erfurt-Weimar

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CoordinatesN505848 E0105725 (WGS84) Google Maps
Elevation 1036 ft
Former East Germany (GDR)District of Erfurt
Federal stateThüringen (Thuringia)
Location indicatorEDXE, ETEF (-1995), EDDE (1995-)
Map with location of Erfurt Bindersleben Airport, Germany
Germany during the Cold War Map

In the 1990s


Image source, unless otherwise noted: GDI-Th, Freistaat Thüringen, TLVermGeo,, Datenlizenz Deutschland – Namensnennung – Version 2.0,
Erfurt Bindersleben Airport, Germany 1992
Erfurt Bindersleben Airport on 01 August 1992
Railway track
In the west a new railway track was laid
Tracks railway siding Erfurt Airport
The new track goes away to the north from the siding of the airport.
Southwestern part
Southwestern part
Apron Erfurt
Level crossing Bindersleben
Level crossing at Bindersleben
Loading ramp with crane
Loading ramp with crane
Aircraft on display Il-18
Aircraft on display, e.g. a Il-18
Building at Erfurt Airport
Building at the airport
Foundation Tu-134 at Erfurt
The destroyed Tu-134 stood about in the middle of the picture. - Apparently three plates had been laid in the ground as a foundation for them.
Antennas at Erfurt
This area was previously used for masts, probably antennas. - Now the area is cleared. Possibly there was a connection with the Soviet direction finder.
Soviet naval direction finder
In 1992 the circular antenna (CDDA) of the direction finder was already dismantled. Some cars park on the barracks area. Apparently the Russian troops have left.
Soviet installation at Bindersleben, Germany
Soviet barracks
CDDA Erfurt Bindersleben, Germany
Area of the CDDA - The antenna is removed. In the lower half of the large circle another circular structure can be guessed, which has bright plates as its center. This could have been the previous smaller antenna.





Orthophoto from 10 May 2016
Orthophoto from 10 May 2016




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